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changing the cover on a Nokia Lumia 920

I've been drooling over a yellow Nokia Lumia 920 for a while now, but since I already have two (one from Build 2012 and one from a contest) it was a bit hard to motivate another one =D.

After reading an article on WPCentral I decided to change the cover myself.


I bought a cover on ebay that includes the tools I needed to open the phone.


Opening the phone turned out not to be quite as simple as in this tear down video (You don’t have to do everything in the video).
Remove the Sim card tray.
Remove the screws at the bottom of the phone and bend in the corners, then carefully run you nail or plastic tool  along the sides of the phone to release the snaps.


The really scary part is when you need to move the charging coils from one cover on to the other.

It is glued to the cover so remove it very very carefully! One trick you can try is to use a hairdryer to loosen the glue (as mentioned in the guide, see link below, I’m not sure if it actually helped or not).

Same thing goes for the headphone jack.


When my phone was done I noticed that my power button was hard to press, and since I use that button quite a lot I decided to take the buttons from my old cover and put them into my new.

The plastic piece holding the buttons in place was glued with glue a from hell so it took me and my screwdriver quite some time to get the plastic piece off.



Again be careful so you don’t break anything.


Here are a couple of blurry pictures..

I’m a developer, light hurt my eyes Blinkar







Check out these links

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Please note that changing cover like this will void your warranty!


Let me know how it goes =D

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