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Augmented reality zx spectrum part 2

In my last augmented reality demo I showed a 3d model of a ZX Spectrum that appeared on a marker.

I got a few request on sharing the source so I cleaned up the code a little bit and posted the source for a version of that demo.

But let’s face it a 3d model on a piece of paper is cool but is there a way to make it even more exciting?

As you may or may not know I’m working on a ZX Spectrum emulator for Windows phone 7 and my goal is to have it ready very close to the mango release.

Perhaps integrate the two? How about an augmented reality ZX Spectrum emulator?


Short video


What amazes me is the performance of these phones, I have the Samsung Omnia 7 and it manages detecting the marker, showing the camera feed, rendering the 3d model and emulating a ZX Spectrum with sound and all at 25 fps.

I’m really impressed, imagine what we can do with compass and gyro.

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