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Augmented Reality demo with Silverlight/XNA

Got a question if I was willing to share the code for my augmented reality app.

There are some samples out there but they’re often trying to show off how insanely cool augmented reality is and has loads of code that can be hard to get thru and understand.

I don’t think I need to explain the code in this post, I have commented in the code, I hope it will be easy to understand.

In my app I used a Silverlight / XNA combination, that is probably a bit overkill only for this but for those not familiar to XNA it might be easier to read so I’ll go with the same approach here.

You’ll need to download the source code from codeplex for SLARToolkit since the current release doesn’t include everything you need.

For simplicity my sample code also includes the necessary SLARToolkit code (at the time of writing this Changeset 67779).



There is something wrong when navigating from the game page and then back again, haven't been able to find what yet, if you have any suggestions please send me an email.


If you have any suggestions on how to make the code better again please contact me I love to learn new things =)


AugmentedRealityDemo.zip (2.34 mb)

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