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Augmented reality zx spectrum

With the release of Mango, the new OS upgrade for Windows Phone 7, it will be possible to create augmented reality applications.

Sadly the beta version of the mango update doesn’t have drivers for the compass which kind of spoils most of the plans I had for augmented reality applications.

Then I realised maybe I could do something with the SLARToolkit. All the samples I could find used Silverlight (not a big surprise right?) no samples used the new XNA + Silverlight combination available in Windows Phone 7 so I decided to give it a try.

Since I’m working on a ZX Spectrum Emulator for Windows Phone 7 I used a ZX Spectrum 3d model that I made a couple of years ago (maybe this feature will make it in to the emulator =) ).


I’m not an XNA superstar and this project really showed me that I need to read more About Matrix Ler med tungan ute


I’ll blog later with some code samples.

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