Jimmy Engström


Build 2013 Day one

What an awesome day!

A preview of Windows 8.1 is available for download and as if that isn’t awesome enough a preview of Visual Studio 2013 is also available.


At the keynote they showed the Windows Store version of outlook with social and newsletter filtering among other things.

Bing will be more integrated in Windows 8.1, in Sweden Bing isn’t that good, but as a visitor in the states I quickly realized that Bing is really good.

Sweden is still missing a lot of data.

When you search in Windows 8.1 you will get results from all the places, including web results.


Xbox Music has a new make over focused on playing music instead of discoverability and they showed off a function where you can share a web page to Xbox Music and it will parse the page and create a play list.


One of the biggest things here is 3d printing, Windows 8.1 has native support for 3D printing, its is just as simple as printing a piece of paper.

There are loads of 3D printers on display and they will start selling 3D printers in Microsofts stores soon.

I just wish Sweden will get one soon =D


Bluetooth is now available to developers (in windows 8.1) that means we have the opportunity to talk to all kinds of devices. I have really waited for that, going to be so fun to test how it works.

There are a couple of sessions at Build covering device communication I will try to catch them all.


Bing is brining a whole lot of APIs for searching, maps and much more.


The keynote ends with showing off Project Spark, a game development tool that makes it really easy to develop games.


Can’t wait for what day two will bring =)

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