Jimmy Engström


Build 2013 – registration day

The time is 6:30 a.m. still a bit jet lagged I guess, but lets be honest this kind of jet lag is good =D.

Waking up early and feeling great, I just love going to the states.


Today is registration day, still nothing revealed about the schedule, I hope we can rename this day as scheduling day after the registration, would be great to have some time to make plans.


Yesterday was a great day in San Francisco, we went down to Pier 39, took a couple of pictures of Alcatraz and a foggy Golden gate bridge.





Then we went to 7D experience, if you visit San Francisco you really should go there.


Motion seats, wind, 3D AND shooting, pure awesomeness.


We also visited the arcade (next to the 7D Experience) my arm is a bit tender today after a tough shuffle puck game  full out war with @pihlen.

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