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Kinect + Robosapien = <3

Seeing all the cool Kinect demos around I wanted to try out the SDK myself.
I love those demos that makes it possible to interact with real world things thru the Kinect so I decided to dust off one of my Robosapien (v1).

For those who don’t know Robosapien, it is a small robot made by WowWee, and it’s reasonably cheap.

To communicate with the Robosapien I need to use IR and I just happen to have a usbuirt so I borrowed it from the living room.

Next I needed to get all the commands that I can use with the Robosapien, I found a great list here.

Then it was time to dig into the Kinect SDK, I decided to only implement arm movement, walking seemed silly for this sample.

I also implemented some voice commands to test the voice recognition which worked great, a bit sensitive (sometimes the Robosapien triggered voice commands while making sounds).

I used one of the Kinect SDK samples as a base for my application to see what the camera captured.


This was a really fun project to work on, took me about a day to make, trying different things and learning how the joints work.

Check out my Kinect Extension methods here.


If you are interested in the source code please contact me and I’ll send you a copy.


Video of me controlling my Robosapien


Some resources

Kinect SDK Beta





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The video isn't available everywhere since I had some background music.
Here is a video without the music.
Please, while watching it hum "We are the robots" ;)


Cleyton Ferrari
Cleyton Ferrari

I really enjoyed this demo, I'm looking to buy the Robosapien and the USB-UIRT, but I live in Brazil ta difficult to get through, but when buying a command post here for you to help me in the project ok?


Criss Salazar
Criss Salazar

You work it`s Awesome dude ,one cuestion I have both things kinect and the robosapien , but i dont know what`s next ,How I put things work together? i mean the kinect and the robosapien how i conect them both? in the physical way ,I hope you can help me I like to try this fun proyect

my regards

PD: sorry for my English xD


I use a USB UIRT  (Se link in the blog post to send IR commands to the Robosapien.


im very very intersting in the code im from mexico and i have a kinect   i would like to do this project (: sorry for my english


Email me and I'll send you a link to the source code.


Hi ,

I'm looking for buying a robot. My first choice is NAO. but it's too expensive to buy.
So I'd like to know which robot could be programmable and cheap to buy?

by cheap it means under 1000 australian dollars .

I'm looking forward to your reply.



I have only tried the Robosapien v1 its very cheap.
I would like to play with the Robosapien 2 but its hard to get one.


Hi Jimmy,
I am interested in the code.  I just started playing with my Kinect.  I dont have a robot but I will start looking for one.

Thanks ahead of time.


Email me and I'll send you a link to the source code.
My email is available in the menu above.


Nice demo! I have been playing with the SDK as well (nice that Microsoft released it!) having made a kinect C# (using mouse enter/exit events with the kinect mouse control demo) and Arduino moon laser with kinect (using serial commands to the Arduino and then using the arduino to control some servos and laser pen :-p), would be nice to go through your code for controlling the Robosapien!

If you like can do a code swap?

Thanks for posting the demo!

All the best!


Ninh Nguyen
Ninh Nguyen

Hi Jimmy,

Very interesting Kinect_RoboSapien project!!!
Could you please send me your Kinect source code as well.
I have my Robosapien v.1 and I'm going to by a Kinect sensor and looking forward to follow your instruction on this project.

Many thanks,


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