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Controlling an iKettle with Windows phone

A week ago I found a kettle that can be controlled over Wi-fi.
It is called iKettle and can be found over here.

When I find a device I look for two things:
Is there an app for Windows (Phone or 8)?
Can I make one?

If the answer is yes to at least one of those questions (well actually none is ok too) I know I need to buy one.

Mark Cox had already done most of the heavy lifting so I only had to implement the protocol found on this blog (Thanks Mark).
I’m a bit sad that it didn’t use http protocol, it could have replied with status 418 Ler

There are still features missing, some because I haven’t gotten around to it yet and some because there are hardware or software limitations, like you won’t be able to set up the iKettle from a Windows phone since you can’t connect directly to it.

Short app demo


Download the app MyKettle

Hope you enjoy the app and if you have any suggestions or comments please let med know.
Still a lot of stuff coming up =D

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