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Controlling a Bluetooth car with a Windows Phone

Last Christmas my mother-in-law gave me a Bluetooth controlled car.
These kind of gifts are the best for a developer like me, its a toy/gadget and there is no app for Windows Phone which means I just got a gadget AND a development project.
I have been in contact with Silverlit (the company that manufacture the car) who sadly decided not to take my offer of developing their app/API for free, and also didn't supply me with any details regarding the protocol (I guess they where short of resources).


Challenge accepted.


After a couple of weeks I managed to figure out the protocol Open-mouthed smile.
Now I have an API for the car ready but I would like Silverlits permission to release it before I do so.
I am also working on making the API available for Windows 8.1.


Me contorolling a Silverlit Ferrari 458 Italia with my Windows Phone


Currently Silverlit isn't returning my emails, not sure why (could be that the contacts I had doesn't work there anymore).
If you know a good contact at Silverlit please let me know, I really would like to release this API so that more developers will be able to develop for this BT car because it is really awesome.

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