Jimmy Engström


ZX Spectrum emulator running “on” a Agent smartwatch

Why you ask? Because it can be done… and therefore it should (?) Ler med tungan ute

Since the resolution on the ZX Spectrum is 256x192 pixels (not counting borders) and the resolution on the agent smartwatch is 128x128 pixels I had to make the screen smaller and as you can see from the image below, not really readable and as you might expect quite slow.
But the important part is: it works.




It only took me an evening to get this working, I really love the SDK and how well it works together with Visual Studio 2012.

This might be the best Christmas ever with both the Xbox One and Agent releasing around December, I can’t wait =)


If you haven’t seen the Agent Smartwatch, it is a smartwatch developed by Secret labs (the same guys who builds netduino) that runs .net Micro Framework.

Check it out here

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