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Kinect + Robosapien = <3

Seeing all the cool Kinect demos around I wanted to try out the SDK myself.
I love those demos that makes it possible to interact with real world things thru the Kinect so I decided to dust off one of my Robosapien (v1).

For those who don’t know Robosapien, it is a small robot made by WowWee, and it’s reasonably cheap.

To communicate with the Robosapien I need to use IR and I just happen to have a usbuirt so I borrowed it from the living room.

Next I needed to get all the commands that I can use with the Robosapien, I found a great list here.

Then it was time to dig into the Kinect SDK, I decided to only implement arm movement, walking seemed silly for this sample.

I also implemented some voice commands to test the voice recognition which worked great, a bit sensitive (sometimes the Robosapien triggered voice commands while making sounds).

I used one of the Kinect SDK samples as a base for my application to see what the camera captured.


This was a really fun project to work on, took me about a day to make, trying different things and learning how the joints work.

Check out my Kinect Extension methods here.


If you are interested in the source code please contact me and I’ll send you a copy.


Video of me controlling my Robosapien


Some resources

Kinect SDK Beta





KinectRobosapien.zip (310.63 kb)

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