Zx Spectrum

Jimmy Engström



ZX Spectrum emulator running on Gadgeteer

2011-10-17 00:29:00 +0000

First off I would like to start with saying that the title on this blog post might be just a little exaggerated.

The Gadgeteer is running C# code that emulates the ZX Spectrum and so far it’s true.

Basically the emulator works by running cycles, showing the screen and repeating.

To get the correct timing this should be done 50 times per second, which means that we have 20ms to complete one cycle and show the screen.

The Gadgeteer is far from fast enough to achieve that, right now it takes 10 seconds to complete a cycle.

But this wasn’t the point, I suspected it wouldn’t be fast enough. The point was that is was possible \o/.
Within hours I managed to connect a screen to the Gadgeteer and make the necessary changes in the code to make it run.

For example I had to change List<> to an array, the .NET Micro framework doesn’t support List<>, and I rewrote the screen rendering to make it faster.


I find it fantastic that I can use my C# knowledge to create new hardware prototypes among all the other things like: xbox games, Windows Phone applications and games, Windows applications and games, and even write Iphone and Android applications.

There is no end to the possibilities =)