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Testing the Nuance speech kit

2011-10-17 00:10:00 +0000

Nuance recently released a windows phone 7 SDK for their text to speech and dictation services.

I have been looking for some kind of text to speech that can handle Swedish and also being able to control things with voice commands in Swedish.

I noticed that Nuance supported that so I decided to sign up as a developer.

Windows Phone 7 already supports TTS for reading sms and also some voice control for searching and opening applications but only support the major languages (Swedish not included).

I have an application idea for the Swedish market that could use voice control (no I’m not saying what it is Ler med tungan ute ).

The SDK includes some sample code that makes it easy to get started.

What I didn’t find anywhere was instructions on how to get this working for languages other than English, and I couldn’t read the help files for some reason.


So here is what you need to do:

For dictation support: Replace all the _oemconfig.defaultLanguage() with a string containing your preferred language (sv_SE for Swedish).

For TTS: Add a voice that supports your language (Alva for Swedish)

That is it, now you can play with the app.

I think it works ok, but not as good as I hoped.


NDEV Mobile


Voices (this page is for another product but seems to be the same as the Mobile SDK