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Developer Christmas list

Here is my take on what is the most exciting products for the 2013 Christmas.
Some are available and some will be available early 2014, I mention these cause they are so awesome it could be worth the wait.
For those who know me, wait isn't what I do best so I feel your pain and I am sorry, I just had to include them.


Lumia 1520

6” Screen, 20 MP camera, enough said =)



Xbox One

If you live in a country that gets the Xbox One in the first batch, I guess it won't be on any Christmas list cause you already should have bought it :D
For those (like me) who live in a country that is not included in the first batch there might still be time to import one :)

Lego Mindstorms EV3

There is no age restrictions for Lego, this is a really awesome product.
It has motors, sensors and you can build almost anything.
The best part is that there is a .net library so you can build your own apps.

LEGO.com Mindstorms


Raspberry Pi

A micro computer that runs Linux. It has everything you might need, Ethernet, hdmi, USB, audio and controllable pins you can use to connect to other things.
Since it runs on Linux, Mono can be used to develop for it.


Agent Smartwatch

A wristwatch capable of running .net Micro framework code (how awesome is that?), much like the S.P.O.T watch back in the day.
As far as I understand they won't ship until after Christmas bit there is an SDK already available so start coding :)


.NET Gadgeteer

Speaking of .NET micro framework, this is a fast prototyping kit, that makes building basically any electronics really easy.
It has standardized connectors that means you don't have to know any electronics. It is really simple to get going.



A gesture controlled arm and, you can control your electronics by using gestures.
Becoming a Jedi is no longer a dream.
I have no idea how the development environment looks like, still want one.



It can use unique cardiac rhythm to authenticate your identity, allowing you to wirelessly take control of your computer, your smartphone, your car and so much more.


Kinect 2 for Windows

The new Kinect is even more sensitive than the first generation, it can even read your heartbeat *mind blown*.
I think wearable tech is the next big thing, but lets face it, tech you don't even have to wear is even cooler.

http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/kinectforwindows/ (this is still the old one)


Leap Motion

All devices that makes it possible to control your computer is always fun.
The leap motion can track your fingers and also other objects like pens and such.



This is a racing track that connects to your iOS device (iPhone/iPad) using Bluetooth, the cars will drive around that track themselves but you control speed, lane and weapons. Yes weapons.
Real cars and real track but software shields and weapons *bummer*.
All the logic is in the iOS app and you can "upgrade" the cars with shields and new weapons.
If you shoot a car it will derail.
Very cool stuff so if you have an iPhone or iPad this is probably the must by Christmas gift this year.



If you don't find anything on the list or if you have a husband or wife that share my love for not waiting (eg already have or have ordered most of this stuff) you might consider printing your own.

3D Printer

There are many 3D printer out there. I like the cube 2, it is small and so is (sadly) the printing size. But it is large enough, the alternatives (having a reeeeally large one) isn't that appealing.
If you have trouble convincing your wife about a 3D printer, show her that it is possible to print chocolate :P
Besides that, Windows 8.1 has build in support for 3D Printers.



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