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Day 1 with Netduino




My wife gave me a Netduino for my birthday, I don’t have any experience with .net micro framework so this is going to be a whole new thing for me.

I wanted to start of easy, so I dug up an old LCD display (bought ten of them a couple of years ago but never got around to use them).

Found Pete Browns blog post about how to hook up an LCD  display to a Netduino, luckily it was a HD44780-controlled just like the one Pete used in his blog post.


After installing all the necessary software I started to connect the display to the Netduino.

It took me about 30 min from start to “Hello World”.

I Just love how easy it is to work with.


My first thought was to make this blog post a tutorial on how to hook up a LCD to a Netduino but since Pete’s blog post was really great, no need to reinvent the wheel.


Some resources:
First Experiences with Netduino and the .NET Micro Framework
Using a 4x20 HD44780-controlled LCD Display with the Netduino
Netduino software download

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